Automated-Bundle Cleaning provides customers with the quickest possible turnaround with proven and consistent results

Automated/Remotely Operated Cleaning

Automated/Remotely Operated Cleaning

Exchanger and Refinery Turnarounds

Evergreen North America's provides the refinery, power and other industries state of the art heat exchanger bundle cleaning services. Our completely automated, high pressure water blasting systems provide customers with the quickest possible turnaround with proven and consistent results.  Utilizing our automated tube lancer with our automated shellside cleaning system and our 700/hp water blasters provides unparalleled production.

Automated Tube Lancer

Our high pressure I.D. tube cleaning system provides safe operations from a separated safety/operation station. The operator controls all of the operations from a location located in a protected compartment that offers a total view of the operation.  This system utilizes a five lance with automatic lance pitch adjustments that provide between 10,000 and 20,000 PSI.  This system also provides rigid forward lance thrust of up to 250/lbs per lance. Along with the hydraulically actuated roller, that rotates the bundles to provide complete coverage for lance cleaning. 

Automated Shell Side Blaster

Evergreen North America’s automated shellside cleaning system operates from its own self contained trailer.  This trailer is designed with its own crane to maneuver the hydraulic rollers into place.  This along with the robotic high pressure water blasting arm systematically removes hard surface deposits from deep within. This system can operate from 6,000 to 20,000 PSI and flows up to 140 GPM.

Benefits of Automated/Remote Water-blasting

  • Product line specific project management and development team
  • Job Specific Engineering
    • Process Controls on feed and rotation rates 
    • Increased horsepower and flow rates
  • Reduced Risk
    • Remove human element from line of fire
    • Reduce fatigue factor
  • Advanced Equipment designs provide ease of set up and functional flexibility
  • Water recirculation systems and hydraulic dump system to reduce waste

Automated/Remote Water-blasting Capabilities

  • Dual and Triple lance remote controlled flex lance system.
  • Single up to five lance stiff lance machine (various cabover systems)
  • Navigator small bore remote controlled line Moling
  • Rotary hose device large bore line Moling
  • ARM (Automated Remote Manipulator) pad blasting 2D High Volume shell and vessel cleaning
  • 3D High Volume Tower and Vessel cleaning
  • Specialized Water Cutting
  • High Volume Shell side units
  • Ultra High Volume pumps
  • Mini & Micro ARM remote Shotgunning replacement technology
  • Customer Slab designs
  • Water recirculation unit

Automated Flex Lance

  • Mounted to the face or exterior and interior of shell
  • Single, Double, or Triple Lances
  • Designed for medium to high density tube cleaning

Lightweight Positioner

  • Reduces weight on the X Y positioner
  • Ability to install and use in unique set-ups
  • Special design for Fin Fan cleaning
  • Ability to clean in a timely and safe manner
  • Ability to connect nozzle for hands free shotgun

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