Explosive De-Slagging

Our staff of licensed industrial explosive technicians is the largest in the world and has performed thousands of successful cleaning jobs in a variety of industries.

Evergreen North America offers patented on-line and off-line explosive cleaning and deslagging services. Both National and International Emergency Response is available from one of our multiple locations, 24 hours a day.


Count on Evergreen North America to be your single-source provider of explosive deslagging and cleaning operations. We offer our patented OnLine Cleaning System, off-line explosive deslagging, and blast and vacuum services. By offering a wide range of services, Evergreen North America can minimize your maintenance costs while reducing time spent dealing with multiple vendors. Add to that a dedication to safety, state-of-the-art equipment and professionalism, and it is plain to see why Evergreen North America is your best choice for service, performance, and value.

On-line Boiler & Vessel Cleaning

With Evergreen North America, your boiler or vessel can be cleaned while it remains in full production and at extreme temperatures. Through our patented On-Line Cleaning System, Evergreen North America's Explosive Technicians work outside the unit through access doors or viewing ports to direct our patented telescopic tooling which cools and delivers the explosive cleaning charge to the targeted boiler or vessel deposit. Upon controlled detonation, portions of the deposit are fractured from fouled surfaces without disturbing the unit's integrity. This process is repeated in grid patterns and at different elevations until the cleaning objective is met. Our On-line Cleaning System can enhance boiler efficiencies, extend run cycles and correct unfavorable fouling conditions whether moderate or severe.


On-line Boiler & Vessel Video Inspection

Evergreen North America can perform online video inspections of boilers, gas lanes, tanks, vessels, and other confined space locations. This video equipment can be utilized at temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The use of camera-assisted cleaning helps to ensure unmatched results. You can utilize this service to detect slag or deposits in hidden areas or for inspection of hidden tube leaks in boilers. This camera provides you with a digital video for documentation and offers multi-directional and zooming capabilities.

Off-line Boiler & Vessel Cleaning

Evergreen North America offers two variations of its off-line cleaning technology. The first employs a telescopic probe that delivers the explosive cleaning charge to the target deposit while the technicians remain working from outside of the boiler or vessel. Multiple controlled detonations in grid patterns and at varying elevations quickly and safely allow for complete removal of deposits from boilers, kilns, silos, hoppers, process tanks, and other large vessels. This cleaning method eliminates human exposure to falling debris, height, heat, and other confined space risks.


The second offline cleaning service utilizes linear explosives and is primarily used for cleaning fouled boiler tube sections such as the superheater, reheater, convection pass, and economizer. During this service, Explosive Technicians suspend linear explosive charges within the fouled boiler tube gas lanes and use a delay pattern formulated specifically for each job. When detonated, energy waves are released and remove hard slag and ash deposits from the tube surfaces a full 360 degrees around. This cleaning service creates no by-product and can reduce cleaning time dramatically.

Contact Evergreen North America for all your explosive deslagging, industrial boiler cleaning, and boiler scale removal needs.

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