Using Hydro-Demolition, we can Remove concrete without damaging the rebar.

Hydro-Demolition is a technology that uses extremely high pressure water jets that are capable of removing concrete while not damaging the rebar. The practical application of this technique makes it an extremely effective and efficient method of concrete removal. This is due to two main factors, one being the direct impact of the water jet on the surface. The other is the porous nature of concrete, the high pressure water is forced into the tiny cavities and cracks within the concrete mass, causing it to fracture and split. 

Selective Material Removal

The variable parameters of the technique, water pressure, jet size and speed of application, make it possible to demolish and remove concrete in a very precise and controlled way. These variables enable selective removal of deteriorated or de-laminated concrete, as the jet stream penetrates the cracks and faults in the degraded material more quickly, leaving the sound concrete intact.

Accurate Material Removal

The equipment can also be set to remove concrete to predetermined depths. These capabilities make it a very suitable method of enabling repairs to concrete structures, as it allows accurate removal of material, leaving the sub-structure and steel reinforcement intact if required.

Benefits of Hydro Demolition

  • Steel reinforcing can be left intact and de-scaled.
  • Removes corrosion and mortar paste.
  • Leaves an exposed, washed and scarified surface on the aggregate, providing an ideal surface for the bonding of new layers.
  • Dust free.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Can precisely and selectively remove damaged or deteriorated concrete, leaving sound concrete intact.
  • No vibration reduces unnecessary de-lamination or damage to adjacent structures.
  • Embedded reinforcing can be exposed and cleaned of rust and scale without damage.
  • Provides excellent bonding of exposed substrate to new layers due to its cleaning action.
  • Dilutes chloride ion concentrations at bonded surfaces.
  • Is faster and more efficient than conventional mechanical methods of demolition.
  • Minimizes labor injuries.
  • One Hydro-demolition robot can do the work of up to 15 jack hammers.

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